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One Response to “Contact”

  1. TOM from USA Says:

    found my paradise begin at Baanpanburi Village in Koh Phangan. I love the friendly services and never forgot what I faced for. I really love BBQ with the reasonable price, I mean they are very cheap when compare where I live. And also cocktail in the list such a great deligious, there are some new cocktail I have never seen before and these are the great cocktail and the prices are very cheap too. I always came for drink during happy hour coz the cheapest in this area and even the regular price is pretty cheap too. The beach is so nice rather than I have been to. White sand beach with lovely local people and also great staff serving me some food and beverage when I laid down on the beach.
    The clean and beautiful hut I stay was so closed to the beach – at night time in the hammock with the candle lit on my side together with sound of the sea – this is I can not discribe to be a word – that was so romatic.
    This place I recommend to you guys to come and enjoy your holiday.

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