New Blogspots about Property in Thailand and Thai Architecture

For anyone interested in the topic of buying and selling property in Thailand this new blogspot will be of interest. It only went on line April 2009, but I’m sure it’s going to build in terms of information and relevance. The Global Finacial Crisis has hit nearly every area of the global economy hard, particularly the housing market. However, it was probably a necessary remedy of the unrealistic rate of price increases seen in America, Europe and Asia. And this is especially true for Thailand. I don’t pretend to have a magic ball to see the future, but it is more than obvious that property is not a frivolous item. Shelter is fundamental to survival and bricks and mortar cannot disappear like stocks and shares. Buying property is never a dumb move. Buying in the wrong place and for the wrong price is.

Property prices in Thailand are going to drop; and when they do it is only a matter of time before investors return to the market in search of huge returns. Thailand remains one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and this underlying value will surely translate into monetary value in the longer term.

The other new blogsite that promises to be a mine of interesting information is Thai Architecture. There is very little on the web about Thai architecture at present. For all those of you who have bought land in Thailand and are puzzling about what to build this site will surely be of immense value.

Blog about property in Thailand:

Blog about Thai Architecture:


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